Because where the heck do you even start? How do you choose the right funnel? What do you even say inside that funnel? How do all of the pieces work and fit together?

It’s mystifying. And there are so many parts that can go wrong…ads, landing pages, emails, websites, sales pages, onboarding sequences…the list goes on.

Any one of those could be causing a leak. A place where an inordinate number of prospects leave…never to return.

And if you’re on the growth marketing train (like 98% of the rest of the marketing world) you’re focused on driving traffic.

But if that traffic you’ve worked so hard to drive isn’t converting…

If all of those brand-new free trials never convert to paid…

If everyone who visits your site bounces, instead of signing up for your email list…

What was even the point of driving that traffic in the first place?

Kat excels at communicating key information into a conversational tone that really connects with buyers. She learned my services fast and was very open to feedback, adjusting her [sales emails] so that [they] fit into my sales framework as seamlessly as possible.
– Marylou Tyler, Sales Process Enablement Expert and Amazon Bestselling Author of Predictable Prospecting

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