Tl;dr version, I am:

  • sales funnel strategist who knows the sales process inside and out after 8 years as a consultative sales person (read: helping customers solve their problems, not shoving product down their throat to fulfill a quota)

  • A conversion copywriter who knows what it takes to attract more of your best prospects and draw them through your funnel to the product and solution that’s right for them

  • The kind of nerd who reads Breakthrough Advertising for fun. (I’m also the kind of nerd who has a Star Trek tattoo but that’s less impressive to my clients.)


Kat has a great ability to see the bigger picture and to plan for the long-term. She is truly skilled at seeing things from another perspective, which gives her work an additional edge. She’s great at reframing things and picking out various nuances–plus she’s an excellent writer and always delivers on time.

— Rebecca Sentance, Editor ClickZ and Search Engine Watch


How a conversion copywriter ended up becoming a sales funnel strategist…

This is where I’m supposed to tell you all about my credentials and how I got started…and it’s really very simple.

You can blame my cousin Laura.

She told me I had no imagination.

And with all the righteous fury an indignant 10-year-old me could muster, I swore I’d prove her wrong.

So I started writing…and writing…and writing.

I also read voraciously, finishing The Lord of the Rings before I turned 12 and, spurred on by my favourite fantasy novels, I decided: I was going to be a writer when I grew up.

Of course, after I graduated university with a shiny new B.A. (double major, Creative Writing & English) that was easier said than done thanks to these little things called bills…and being an adult.

My parents raised me to be responsible, so I got a job in sales…and another job. And another. I spent 8 years in sales as a consultative sales person, helping people find products that would solve their problems.

Until someone told me this thing called copywriting existed…and it was basically selling using words?!!?

“A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.” – Judith Charles


You mean I could write…to sell…and get paid for it?

These two seemingly unrelated skills that I’d been developing in tandem for years actually fit together?!

I was blown away, and started studying everything I could get my hands on.

I started working with clients in January of 2015, taking on everything from content projects to sales copy and launch campaigns.

It was the launch campaigns that made me change direction.

I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) write my part until I had seen the big picture for the overall launch. A funnel is only as good as it’s weakest link…and since my clients were paying for my time and expertise, I was determined that that wasn’t going to be me.

By the end of a project, I might as well have been hired to do the funnel strategy, because I had basically mapped and reconfigured the whole thing.

The kicker was? I loved doing it.

Sales funnel strategy was so much more natural for me than it was for my clients thanks to my sales experience.

Plus, I bring the conversion copywriting to it, allowing my clients to build funnels around problems their customers are actually facing, instead of just guessing at what the copy and messaging inside their funnel should be.

And that’s how a conversion copywriter ended up becoming a sales funnel strategist.

(I’m still writing a novel though. Laura hasn’t admitted she was wrong…yet.)

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