Great! Here’s what happens if you want to work with me:

Step 0 – Project Fit

We’ll have a quick, 15-minute call to determine project fit, where we go over key areas like timeline, budget, deliverables, and goals.

Step 1 – Roadmapping and kickoff

If we have a fit, we’ll hop on a longer call to get all the details of the project, determine exactly what needs to be done, and create a plan of action tailored to your business and your audience.

Step 2 – Lock it in

I’ll send over a statement of work outlining the project. If you accept, I’ll invoice for a deposit to hold your place on my calendar. Congrats! We’re officially working together.

Step 3 – Research

I’ll ask you for the following:
brand guidelines
customer feedback, surveys, and chat logs
analytics and current data
contact information for 3rd parties involved with the project
And other pieces depending on the scope and scale of the information needed.

I’ll also dedicate some time to customer interviews, chatting with your sales or customer service team, forum mining, and other research areas to make sure I’ve got the whole picture of what’s driving your customer, why they buy, and why they’re not buying. (This is the backbone of your funnel or project.)

Step 4 – Messaging & Strategy

Taking all of the customer data I’ve collected, I’ll develop your overall funnel strategy and messaging framework. This includes mapping your entire funnel and planning the messaging strategy for each of the touchpoints in your funnel.

Step 5 – Writing Time

I’ll draft out compelling, persuasive copy for each section of your funnel, carefully crafting each piece to fit into the next. All of my drafts will be delivered to you for review in wireframes (design-like mockups of how the copy should look online).

Step 6 – Revisions & Launch

After some light edits to make sure you’re happy with the final product, your copy and your funnel is ready to launch.

Step 7 – Testing

I’ll help monitor your funnel in the early days and developing testing alternatives for each section of it. You collect the data, tell me what’s winning in your split tests, and I’ll work to make it even better.

For months and months, I struggled to write to my audience in a way that felt authentic and unpretentious – the typical end results were either me quitting in frustration or generating zero interest with my copy. Kat…asks questions that go deep into the heart of the matter and sparked a deep curiosity and creativity in me that had been dormant for a long time.

Since implementing Kat’s advice and insights, I’ve felt like I’ve been writing to my audience from the heart and bringing them closer to me for the first time EVER. Kat has the unique superpower of helping you create deep connection with your audience, and I’m grateful to have gotten a glimpse of it. 

Mike F Harris, Transformation Catalyst for Visionary Leaders

I partner with clients on the following projects:

  • Sales funnel assessments and strategy…so you know you’re delivering exactly the right offer to your customer at the right time in the right way.
  • Websites that tell people exactly who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about…so the right people opt-in to you and your services from the very start.
  • Emails that help you build a relationship with your customers…and then get them to buy because they’re ready and eagerly awaiting your product.
  • Landing pages that flood you with qualified leads…so that your sky-high conversion rates actually translate into revenue.
  • Sales pages that create an irresistible need to buy…so that you can reliably generate profit and keep the office lights on.
  • Full-funnel packages that take your prospects from cold traffic to enthusiastic customer (includes strategy, assessment, and copy).

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