Short answer: NO

Long answer: Your funnel is the entire sales process from first touch through to the purchase to customer retention and customer disputes after.

So yes, everybody HAS a funnel.

Which means that yes, theoretically, everybody could use a strategist like me to help them build their funnel.

But not everyone NEEDS me.

You will benefit the most from my services IF:

  • You’ve already found your product/market fit and have customers or users
  • You’re already generating revenue or have secured funding
  • You have tracking and analytics systems setup and enough traffic and data to run statistically significant tests
  • You sell a product that solves a problem. My entire approach is based around this. If your product is not materially improving the lives of your customers in some way, we likely won’t be a fit.

My professional background and expertise also makes me a better fit for some companies than others, so my best partners are SaaS and tech startups or marketing companies who solve a top of mind problem for their customers.

I also really enjoy working in the personal development space.

If that describes you…


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The Funnel Building Toolkit

Everything you need to build and optimize your funnel, plus a handy-dandy checklist to keep track of it all. 

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