That investor’s check is burning a hole in your pocket, ready for you to spend on new personnel, equipment, product development -- whatever it takes to get your company to the next level.

You know you can do it, too.

Your product is proven, tested, and you’ve got a growing audience of fans.

Except when you turn up the heat on all these growth marketing strategies that everyone’s buzzing about...nothing happens.

You’re getting traffic, but it’s not turning into sales.

And that’s a big problem.

Because you’ve got Investors.

These people didn’t just give you their money, they gave you their trust.

They won’t see a penny back from their investment until you there’s an acquisition, a sale, or you go public.

And that could be years off.  

So how do you keep your investors happy?

You need to keep growing. Your valuations need to keep increasing year over year.

Because...even if you are cash positive... that money isn’t going to last forever. And the next time you need to raise capital to hit the next level of growth?

Oops...wrong unicorn. At least he's moving up though...his investors would be happy about that. ;)

Your current investors are the most likely people to invest in you.

But they will only keep investing if you’re a good bet for continued growth.

If they don’t think there’s a possibility you could be the next Facebook… or Google… or Instragram...or any other Unicorn-level startup out there…

If your numbers show that you’ve plateaued…

That you’re not growing any more…

That your market share isn’t growing...and may even be shrinking…

You’re screwed.

Because if the people who trust you the most pass on you? Who else would want to touch you?

...But how do you achieve the sort of growth that makes your investors happy?

You turn to the hottest solution out there: Growth Marketing.

Except there’s one itty-bitty little problem.

While growth marketing is amazing for driving traffic…

Traffic that doesn’t convert does nothing to help your business.

If you’re not turning that traffic into leads or sales or free trials or newsletter signups...what’s even the point of driving the traffic in the first place?

The whole point of traffic is to help you grow. So that, when you need more money… keep growing and expanding… hire more and better people… build the best product in your class… hit that next level of success…

(even if you’re cash flow positive)...

Your investors are happy - which means they’re on board. They’ve seen you grow and they know you’re a good bet to keep betting on.

But if your traffic isn’t converting in a meaningful way…

That can’t (and won’t) happen.

So how do you make sure your traffic converts?


If your traffic isn’t entering your funnel, you can’t do anything with it.

You can’t nurture your leads.

You can’t get customer feedback.

You can’t request testimonials.

You can’t send them new offers.

You can’t send them amazing content.

You can’t onboard new users or stay in touch with new customers.

And you can’t make sales.

We all know what happens when you can’t make sales…or get new users...or increase sign ups…

When your traffic doesn’t convert you’re in big trouble.

Because traffic - conversion = no growth.

Your numbers stagnate.

Everything plateaus while your investors look on...watching their investment return shrink

Especially compared to other investments in their portfolio.

And when it comes time to re-up...they might decide to pass.

Leaving you in a critical bind: Without cash and support how can you continue to grow?

You can’t.

Traffic alone does not equal growth.

Which is why I do what I do.

As a sales funnel strategist, I use the principles of conversion copywriting to help you deeply understand your customers. Getting into their hearts and minds and crafting copy that gets to the core of what they desire.

And I leverage my 8 years of experience as a consultative sales person (read: partnering with customers to help them solve their problems, not shoving product down their throat to fulfill a quota) to help you craft a funnel that solves your customer's problems.  

Showing them how your solution can help alleviate their pain...and channeling them effortlessly to the next touchpoint in your funnel.

So you can create loyal, raving customers who spread the word, help your business grow, and keep your investors happy.

If traffic alone were enough for growth and profit so many failed startups would still be in business today.

But startups don’t need traffic. They need customers.

So how do you turn that traffic into meaningful interactions? Ones that will eventually (or instantly) lead to purchases, revenue and growth?

Hi, I’m Katie, Sales Funnel Strategist for Growth-Stage Startups.

I work with Startups like you who are driving traffic that isn’t converting. Because often, the problem isn’t with your traffic.

It’s with your sales funnel.’s with your website.

Look, you can drive all the traffic you want.

That traffic needs to enter your sales funnel.


Let's take the traffic thing literally for a moment. Pretend the internet is a highway.

Then your funnel is an off ramp. Your product is a destination.

To get that traffic INTO your funnel where you can track and follow and nurture it...

You need to grab the attention of the people driving down the highway.

Jolt them out of the mind-numbing stupor of talk-radio and highway driving they’ve subjected themselves to for the last 8 hours...

and make them choose your exit.

If your funnel isn't clearly marked, your traffic won't convert. It's just easier to keep doing what they're already doing. So you're not just fighting for attention, you're fighting inertia, too.

This is why real highways have those giant freeway signs, with ramp numbers, destinations, and exit lanes on them.

Because they give clear directions to people on how to get off the highway and where they actually want to go.

But if the sign you’ve been looking for doesn’t show which lanes to take and where it’s going to lead you...would you actually turn off?

No, you wouldn’t.

Well your website IS that road sign.

Your website is the entry point to your funnel.

Most of your traffic passes through your site and into your funnel. Where you can nurture it from traffic into leads, and help leads become customers by proving your value.

If your website isn’t optimized to let that traffic into your funnel...none of that can happen.

It’s a gateway through which almost every part of your business passes at some point.

And that makes it absolutely critical to growing your business.

Which is why I want to present:

The Website Gateway Review

The website gateway review is a high-touch video teardown of your website. It’s designed to assess how effective your website is at taking all that traffic...and getting it into your funnel.

This is impacted by everything from copy to page layout to u/x factors to design.

So I look at all of that.

Plus what information you’re presenting to your customers…

how you’re presenting it…

and when you present it...

to determine if your website is helping your traffic convert (and enter your funnel) or not.

I’ll go through up to 3 web pages plus your sign up/free trial/email sign up process to assess how well you’re doing leading your customers from cold traffic to “converted”.

And because this is focused on your sales funnel...I don’t just focus on your #1 conversion goal, either.

That is the priority for each page, but a website has multiple functions.

It needs to let customers at different stages in the buying process into your funnel...and each of them is thinking different things.

One person may be ready for a free trial, while another may just be curious enough to sign up for your email list.

To make sure you get both of these people, you have to have secondary conversion paths. So that the people who want to act can immediately. And those who need a little more time or information can have that as well.

All of that is rolled into my evaluation, so you know exactly what to fix, for whom, and which path to prioritize.


Your review package includes:

  • One (1) 45-60 minute video review of your website.
    • Full assessment of up to 3 key website pages (I highly recommend selecting your home page, product page, and pricing page) so you understand how your messaging and copy is impacting your conversion rates
    • Full evaluation of your sign-up process to identify possible areas for improvement. (For example the sign up process for your mailing list or free trial.)
  • A full findings report with:
    • Up to three (3) recommendations on how to improve the structure and usability of your funnel (which directly impacts conversions)
    • Recommended copy changes for 1 page in your funnel (selected based on estimated impact on your funnel)
  • A full transcript of the video in case you, like me, take information in better via the written word.*
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 Q&A session with me to go over my findings and recommendations and help you understand how to implement my recommendations.

*Note: I often do verbal rewrites of your copy on the fly, so this usually contains a few gems you can pull out for new messaging.

At the end of this review, you’ll have a fully actionable roadmap for improving your website.

So that it invites traffic into your funnel…

Where you own and control and can nurture it…

Turning those random subscribers into dedicated customers who help your company grow...and keep your investors happy.

Get your review now for one payment of $1197 USD.



Katie lay out my entire funnel for me — including a new course idea and new opt-in content. She made it really easy to understand and everything felt completely aligned to my business and brand goals. It’s such a relief to finally have a structure like this in place!

Lilly Garcia
Founder and Creative Director at Wild Olive Branding


Oh yeah, and one more thing:

The Website Gateway Review comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not happy with your review then two things happen:

First: I grovel my ass off. I strive to help every one of my clients solve their problems and if this review does not provide any value to you then I deeply apologize.  

Second: You tell me where my review failed to provide value for you. I will then take your feedback, seek out a conversion expert who specializes in the areas where my review fell short, and pay for you to have a one-hour consult with them.

It’s that simple. If my review doesn’t help you, I’ll set you up with someone who will.

Other Common Questions:

When is the best time to book?

Now. I can only take on a certain amount of client work every month (because ya know, sleep is a ~thing~) so I only offer them periodically. Your best bet is to book now and ask for a later start date if you need it. Otherwise, you might come back to find a nasty 404 error...or (even worse) a wait list.

What happens after I hit “pay”?

After you make the payment, you’ll get an email with a link to a form where you’ll share the pages you want me to review, your conversion metrics, and a few other pieces of information I need to put your review together.

Once you fill out the form, I’ll receive a notification and get to work. If you don’t fill out that form I can’t complete your review, so you’ll receive a reminder if you haven’t filled it out in 3 business days.

I will email you to confirm delivery date once I’ve received your completed review form.  

How long does a review take?

Unfortunately, I’m not a timelord so you can’t request a backdated start date for instant review delivery...yet.

Until I get that sorted, you can expect your review after 7 business days, not including statutory holidays. If there is a holiday weekend in your review timeframe, you can expect a 1-2 day delay. I will email you to confirm delivery date once I’ve received your completed review form.  

How many pages of my website will you review?

Up to a maximum of 3 three pages, plus your main conversion point. So, for example, if your main conversion goal is to get users to sign up for a free trial, your review might look something like:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Product/pricing page
  • Free-trial sign up process (including sign up forms and thank you pages)

What do I get when you’re done?

Once I’m done the review, you’ll get an email with a link to a Dropbox folder where you can download your video review, transcript, and report. You’ll also get a link to schedule a call with me for 1-on-1 question and answer session.

Will you also look at our welcome sequence or follow up emails?

This review does not include emails. It looks at your website as a gateway to your sales funnel, specifically whether it’s helping to convert your traffic hindering it.

Any emails, onboarding, or welcome sequences are a separate section of your funnel and are not included in this review.

Will I get to ask follow up questions?

Yes. Every Website Review includes a 30-minute Q&A call with me. I highly recommend you go through your review before the call so that we can go over any questions you have about my suggestions, and address next steps and implementation in the call.

It’s just a website review -- is it really worth $1197?

Yes. Absolutely.

Unlike most website reviews, I don’t just stop at the web pages. I go into your site and through the sign up process for your #1 conversion goal. I’m assessing the entirety of your gateway to see where your customers get stuck and decide to leave.

I also assess pathways on your site for secondary conversion goals (e.g., to sign up for your mailing list if they’re not ready for a free trial). If those aren’t clear and well thought out, you’re missing out on a significant amount of your traffic, and losing many potential sales since you’re not capturing and nurturing those leads.

Plus, your website is infinitely scalable. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re sending to it, it will continually and reliably convert that traffic for you without requiring you to hire more and more people.

And you can reap the benefits of an increased conversion rate (read: more sign ups, customers, and free trials) for years to come.

So if you’re a growth-stage startup who’s started driving traffic and it’s not converting….

Or you’re planning to start driving traffic and want to make sure you get the most out of it…

I can help. And this time next week you could have a fully actionable website review in your hands to help you address any and all of these problems.

Click the button below to get your Website Gateway Review now.

You’ll get expert advice on how to leverage your website to turn traffic into customers, so you can keep growing and keep your investors happy.